Project Update

Building Works

The Bury House glazing and heating works are progressing well. I know there have been concerns about the length of time the front has been boarded, and the lack of obvious progress. This is due to a couple of problems to do with the pedigree of the building, and we had honestly hoped things would be done sooner. Rest assured that the overrun is within the scope allocated for this and we should be all benefitting from a much cosier Bury House very soon.

Futures Committee

A group has formed, from many walks of life, with the focus of improving the GCA's resilience and offering. Anyone interested should get in touch with Paul Dodd via

Gosport Community Association is a registered Charity, 'member-owned and member-run'. The Association which is governed by Memorandum and Articles of Association owns and manages its entire premises and equipment and is totally self funding.

The Association operates an open door policy whereby everyone is welcome to join irrespective of race, colour and creed. Membership fees are pitched low to make sure it is affordable to the community which in turn guarantees that the people of Gosport are able to partake and have a voice in the provision of community activities and needs.

It is a Community Association in the truest sense of the word and is used extensively by many people including the very young and old, the physically disadvantaged, stroke victims, the blind - the list is endless. Additionally, practically every Charitable Organisation in the area makes use of our premises at one time or another. There are numerous community users as you would expect impacting on social inclusion, activities for early years, lifelong learning, crime reduction and healthy living. The Centre offers a pre-school and day centre and a varied programme of adult education.

It is a unique organisation and one that Gosport can be very proud of.

  • Community Clubs and Groups
  • Fund-raising Events
  • Voluntary Work
  • Excellent Facilities for Private Functions
  • Licensed Bars and Catering
  • Live Theatre Facilities
  • Ideal Venue for Business Conferences
  • Gosport Heritage
  • IT Suite
  • Pre-School and Day Centre
  • Social Welfare Programme
  • Association Membership Scheme
  • Life Long Learning
  • Members Lounge Bar and Entertainment
  • and much much more!

Reception hours


Photo Appeal

This website looks rather boring without photographs. Those of you with photographs of the venue, past or present, that you'd be willing for me to use please get in touch via, fao: Andrew Lucas. There may even be money available for purchasing of licences if we need to.