1947 - Establishment

In 1947 the Gosport Community Association was started by a group of enthusiastic members at Privett Secondary School and continued there for some 10 years. Its firm aim through the years was "to have a Centre which would reflect the cultured personality of the Borough" and which would provide acceptable surroundings in which members could spend their free time in a variety of pursuits and pleasures.

1957 - Bury House

In 1957 Bury House, a Georgian Town House with extensive grounds and owned by the Hospital Management Board was brought by the Association.

Since then

The Association since that date has grown rapidly and currently is used by a diverse cross-section of the residents of Gosport and its surrounds for classes, clubs, and private hire.

The development of the centre from the early days has been much dependant on the services of volunteers whose efforts and dedication have brought the Association from a couple of rooms in a local school to a centre which all Gosport and its surrounds can be justly proud.